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Wildlife Removal & Pest Control Services

Wildlife Removal in Greenville & Anderson, SC & Cornelia, GA

Wildlife has a way of getting into places that are less wild, and that can have real consequences for your home, your health, and your peace of mind. If you’re looking to remove animals from your home or business safely and effectively, you’ve come to the right place! Compass Pest Management serves homes and businesses throughout Northeast Georgia and Upstate South Carolina, where we provide wildlife control for the following animals:

  • bats
  • raccoons
  • rats & mice
  • squirrels & flying squirrels
  • possums
  • beavers
  • snakes

Our trained and certified wildlife removal technicians know how to spot signs of animal activity and the conditions that cause them. Contact us today for a thorough wildlife inspection!

“Toby and another man from Compass helped us humanely evict some bats from our attic vents. These guys know what they are doing! We could not have asked for better service. They are professional, caring, efficient, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced.”

– Carol Addington

Our Wildlife Removal Process

Step 1: Wildlife Identification & Inspection

Our trained technicians start by asking you about the suspected animal activity. Be prepared to tell your technician when you started noticing the activity, when it occurred in a 24-hour period, and what areas of the home have been affected. Your technician will then inspect your home or building thoroughly for entry points, damage, animal droppings, chew marks, burrowing, etc. From there, we make a plan to safely eliminate animals from the property.

Step 2: Trapping and Removal of Animals

Compass’s wildlife removal technicians place safe and effective traps in strategic locations based on the animal’s movements. In many states, including Georgia and South Carolina, it’s illegal to trap and relocate certain animals without a license. You can have peace of mind knowing that Compass is certified and that we work with state wildlife organizations to properly remove wild animals in Greenville, Anderson, Cornelia and surrounding areas.

Step 3: Repair Wildlife Damage

Your technician can repair damage from animal activity (e.g., sealing entry points around the foundation wall and/or attic space, repairing and/or replacing foundation vents and crawlspace doors, etc.). Your technician may also point out other problem areas—such as issues with sewage, plumbing, or insulation—that may be contributing to animal activity. Quality wildlife & pest control isn’t just responding to a problem; it’s preventing future ones.

Pro Tip: Want to stop wildlife problems before they start? Talk to a Compass technician about annual inspections. We’ll inspect your home from top to bottom, paying attention to the areas most vulnerable to animal activity.

Common Signs of Wildlife in Homes & Businesses

 If you notice these signs in your home or office, contact our wildlife pest control team for an inspection:

  • Animal droppings, especially in the attic or near the gable
  • Noises in the walls or ceiling, especially at night
  • Strong odors coming from the wall, ceiling, or attic
  • Increased allergies (a common reaction to animal dander)
  • Chew marks on electrical wiring, wood, etc.
  • Small footprints
Image of a raccoon in a grassy area

Why Compass for Wildlife Pest Control?

  • Award-winning service from exceptionally friendly staff
  • Safe products registered with the EPA
  • Affordable options that are tailored to your budget and needs
  • Green solutions that protect your family and the environment
  • Registered, certified professionals that go the extra mile for you

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