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Mosquito Control in Cornelia, GA, Anderson, SC & Greenville, SC

Get Rid of Mosquitos in Your Yard with Compass’s Mosquito Skills Treatment

In Georgia and South Carolina, mosquitoes can be a year-round problem. Not only can they keep you from enjoying the outdoor areas of your home or backyard, but they mosqutioes can also carry diseases. To truly remove mosquitos from your yard, contact professionals like Compass’s certified Mosquito Skills technicians.

With Compass’s Mosquito Skills service, we can get the job done quickly, effectively, and safely. We cover all the bases for clients in Georgia and South Carolina, so you can enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

“I’ve been a customer for 9+ years and have been extremely satisfied with the service provided by Compass Pest Management.”

– David Foster

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What’s the Most Effective Approach to Mosquito Control?

Personal repellents can deal with mosquitos in the short term but fail to address the root cause of mosquito infestations. The most effective method of mosquito control is to inspect for mosquito breeding and resting sites, eliminate or minimize mosquito habitats, and treat the landscape to prevent future breeding.

Step 1: Inspect for Mosquito Breeding Sites

Whether it’s shaded harborage areas or seemingly insignificant water retention spots, Compass technicians are trained to identify natural environments and structural conditions that retain water where pesky mosquitos breed and hide. Common areas that retain water around your home include flower pots, ditches, dense shrubbery, tree stumps, drainage lines, and gutters.

Step 2: Eliminate or Minimize Mosquito Habitat

The most important aspect of effective mosquito control is to first reduce conditions conducive to mosquito breeding. Often, water-holding containers in your yard or behind a shed such as flower pots, small pools, or other receptacles should be covered or emptied of rainwater. This simple, easy step can greatly reduce mosquito breeding.

Step 3: Treat Landscape

After a careful inspection of the perimeter, we’ll employ our own unique Mosquito Skills treatment program to control adult mosquitos and reduce emerging mosquito populations. Compass Pest Management’s barrier treatment of your natural landscaping protects and defends your yard, offering your family enjoyment outside again.

Did you know? Our Mosquito Skills technicians give great care to protect pollinators, like honey bees, just one benefit of our integrated pest management solutions.

Why Choose Compass Pest Management?

  • Award-winning service from exceptionally friendly staff
  • Safe products registered with the EPA
  • Affordable options that are tailored to your budget and needs
  • Green solutions that protect your family and the environment
  • Registered, certified professionals that go the extra mile for you

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