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Spider Removal & Control Services

Professional Spider Removal in South Carolina & Northeast Georgia

If you’re seeing spiders around your home or office, contact a pest control company you can trust. Compass Pest Management’s professional technicians provide award-winning spider control services to homes and businesses in Northeast Georgia and South Carolina. Contact us to set up your FREE inspection & estimate!

“I have used Compass Pest Management for several years now. They have always been professional and efficient. Give Philip and his team a chance – you won’t regret it!”

– Greg R.

Why Compass for Professional Spider Treatment?

  • Award-winning service from exceptionally friendly staff
  • Safe products registered with the EPA
  • Affordable options that are tailored to your budget and needs
  • Green solutions that protect your family and the environment
  • Registered, certified professionals that go the extra mile for you

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of spiders are in Georgia & South Carolina?

In Georgia & South Carolina you may see many types of spiders:

  • Brown recluse spiders
  • Black widows
  • Hobo spiders
  • Funnel-web spiders
  • Mouse spiders
  • Black house spiders
  • Wolf spiders
  • Trap-door spiders
  • Orb weaver spiders
  • Huntsman spiders
  • Long-legged sac spiders
  • And many others
Do all spiders build webs?

Some spiders build webs to capture their prey, but others do not. Web-spinning spiders find places where food can come to them, such as lights that draw other bugs. Running and jumping spiders do not build webs; they hunt by running their prey down.

Where will I find spiders in my home or office?

Depending on the species, spiders may like to hide in crevices, cracks, and dark areas like basements, pantries, and garages.

How do spiders enter the home or office?

Spiders commonly enter buildings through open doors, windows, and gaps in window and door frames.

Does standard ant/roach control spray kill spiders?

Spiders are not easily controlled with standard pesticide that is sprayed on the ground. Spiders are not insects–they are arachnids. Unlike insects, spiders do not typically groom their legs with their mouths, which is how ants and roaches usually ingest ground pesticides. For this reason, spiders often avoid standard ant/roach pesticide sprayed around the perimeter of a building.

Our Spider Removal Process

Scientific Integrated Pest Management Solutions

Integrated Pest Management Solutions (IPM) is an approach to control spiders and other pests that employs inspection, identification, and implementation of a strategy that provides the best common sense solution. Often physical, mechanical, biological, and educational methods are employed to achieve the results that are of the least human risk while effectively controlling unwanted pests. Our IPM program focuses on three specific areas:

1) Inspecting for spiders or other pests
2) Identifying spiders & pests
3) Control by pest professionals

IPM bases its spider control recommendations on your unique needs. Our pest control professionals do not use a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Whether sealing cracks, removing a food or water source or, when necessary, employing traditional treatments, integrated pest management is about using best practice application methods to control spider problems.

How it works:

1) First, we evaluate the infestation and customize a treatment plan to avoid random pesticide application.

2) Next, we place pest monitors, when needed, in pest prone locations to accurately detect “hot-spots” of pest activity.

3) Finally, we apply a protective barrier to the outside of your home to avoid future problems. Our goal is to solve your pest problem while minimizing pesticide usage in and around your home.

Our #1 concern while ridding your home of unwanted pests common to South Carolina and Georgia like spiders is the health and safety of your family and pets.


Prevent Spiders with TAP Insulation

One of the most effective ways to prevent spiders from staying in your home or office is by cutting off their food source—other bugs. TAP insulation is the best way to prevent pest problems in the home. To save money and energy and protect your home from pests, learn about TAP Insulation.

Spider Control Health & Safety

Green Alternatives for Spider Control

We at Compass Pest Management care about the health and safety of your family as well as protecting the environment. While there may always be a need for traditional treatments, we offer green alternatives to many pest problems. A Compass Certified Service Professional will discuss with you the most effective and safest methods to treat your problem and best protect your family. We understand the demand for natural pest management services and can accommodate your need.

Our safest solution for pest control is always in the application method. The EPA certifies every applicable material we use, and we ensure that our service professionals are trained to use them effectively and safely.


Free Spider Control Inspection & Estimate

Need spider removal in South Carolina or Northeast Georgia? Trust the experts at Compass Pest Management for professional spider removal and control services.

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