Compared to our northern neighbors, winters in South Carolina are relatively mild. The coastal areas tend to be around 10 degrees warmer on average than further inland. Since our winters aren’t especially cold, a larger population of insects can survive the season to come back with a vengeance in spring.

Do I need pest control for winter?

While you will not see as many bugs out and about in the winter months, pest control is still important during this time. Some pests may move into the home to escape the cold, while others (including termites) might quietly lie in wait for spring. It is important to maintain termite protection and take other prevention methods in preparation for spring, when mosquitos, ants, termites, and other pests emerge to feed and reproduce.


Where do insects go in winter?

Insects have several methods of surviving colder weather. Some simply take shelter, while others have evolved special techniques to make it through winter.

  • Diapause (a form of hibernation with reduced activity and metabolism)
  • Migration
  • Burrowing underground or inside trees
  • Adapted lifecycles suited to the seasons, spending the winter as eggs, larvae, or nymphs, where they can hide from the cold and emerge in spring.
  • Many may move into your home to stay warm

Common Pest Problems in South Carolina Winters

Rodents – During the winter, you might see squirrels, mice, rats, and raccoons searching for food and warmth in and around the home.

Cockroaches – While more active in summer, cockroaches may enter the home for warmth during winter.

Spiders – Spiders often seek the shelter of our homes when the weather gets cold.

Ants & Termites – Ants and termites are less active during the winter, but many may take shelter around your home. You may see them emerge during warmer winter days, but in the spring they will come out in force. Being prepared makes all the difference.

Silverfish – Silverfish are common in winter. You may see them on ceilings or around the bathroom as they seek moisture.

Wasps – Wasps may escape the cold in attics and eves.

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Winter Pest Control in South Carolina

If you are seeing signs of infestations, or if you aren’t properly prepared for the insect explosion in spring, contact your local pest control experts: Compass Pest Management. We are an award-winning local pest control company that goes the extra mile with affordable, effective services. Contact us today and we’ll eliminate your pest problem before you know it.


About Compass Pest Management

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