Bed Bug Treatment in Cornelia, GA, Anderson, SC & Greenville, SC

Bed Bug Treatment in Cornelia, GA, Anderson, SC & Greenville, SC

Get Rid of Bed Bugs for Good with Professional Pest Control Experts

If you have bed bugs in Georgia or South Carolina, contact Compass Pest Management for your free bed bug inspection and estimate. Don’t live with itchy bites and restless nights—call an exterminator you can trust.

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Why Compass Bed Bug Heat Remediation?

  • Safely and effectively eliminates bed bug infestations without excessive chemical use

  • Minimizes reintroduction of bed bugs

  • Eliminates burdensome preparation before service

  • Quickly eradicates bed bugs for your convenient reentry

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How Our Heat Treatment Works

The Compass Bed Bug Heat Remediation Treatment provides complete elimination of existing bed bug infestations rapidly.  Most everything like furniture, bedding, clothing, TVs, computers, and personal items can stay in the space to be treated.  We’ll provide you a list of minor preparations before we arrive to safely heat-treat your home.


3 Step Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process


Step 1: Initial Heat Treatment

Once we arrive and start heating the affected areas to 125 degrees or more, we maintain that temperature for at least 2 hours.  Bed bug eggs are “hard-boiled” at 113 degrees.  We aim for surface temperatures of 120 degrees on most surfaces to ensure eradication.  High temperature fans move the heated air throughout the area while our professionals monitor the surface temperatures with infrared thermometers.


Step 2: Secondary Crack & Crevice Treatment

Cracks and crevices are treated as a secondary means of completely eliminating bed bugs where they can easily hide.  But when Compass is done, you can rest assured that every effort has been made to safely and rapidly put the bed bugs out and you back in your home.


Step 3: Final Re-inspection

Compass professionals will complete the Compass Bed Bug Heat Treatment process with a re-inspection to be sure all bed bug stages (egg, nymph, and adult) are eradicated.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

Most people notice these common bed bug signs:

  • Bites that are usually, but not always, in a line pattern
  • Small specks of blood and brown droppings on bed sheets, mattresses, and box springs
  • Exoskeleton remains left by nymphs advancing into the adult stage
  • Small whitish eggs (1mm) attached to mattresses and box springs


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What do bed bugs look like?


Adults bed bugs are small, about the size of a tick, but vary in size.  They are flat and oval-shaped, reddish-brown in color, and can grow to ¼” in size.  Bed bug eggs are whitish in color and are 1mm in length, and newly hatched nymphs are cream colored.


Where do bed bugs come from?


Bed bugs hitch-hike in luggage, furniture, bags, and clothing.  They are located in hospitals, hotels, airplanes, malls, taxis, buses and most any public place with high human traffic.  People who travel and stay overnight in hotels, particularly overseas, and use public transportation are more likely to encounter bed bugs.


Will discarding mattresses and furniture eliminate my bed bug problem?


No. Bed bugs are not only found in bedding and mattresses in bedrooms.  They can easily move throughout the home hiding in most cracks or crevices.  Your home needs to be safely and thoroughly treated by Compass Pest Management to completely eradicate all stages of bed bugs.


Where would bed bugs be located in my home?


Once they are in your home, they’re found in bed frames, mattresses, box springs, bed lines, carpet, furniture, sofas, baseboards, in wall voids, and any small crack or crevice.


Do bed bugs carry disease?


Even though bed bugs are not known to transmit or carry disease, infections can develop in broken skin from scratching bites.  The presence of bed bug activity can lead to not only physical discomfort, but anxiety, emotional discomfort, stress, and loss of rest and sleep.


Why Compass Pest Management?

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