Compass Pest Management's President Quoted in Pest Management Professional Magazine

Philip Smith, President of Compass Pest Management, was quoted in an article for Pest Management Professional (PMP) magazine, published October 17, 2018. In the article, "How to curtail cockroach callbacks", Philip's two quoted tips highlight the importance of planning for various species and environments, and educating the customer to preventing cockroaches from returning after treatment:

Pest Management Professional Magazine

1. Eliminating callbacks, or at least reducing them, should be the goal of every Pest Management Professional.  Establishing protocol for different species of cockroaches in various sanitation conditions is significant in achieving this goal.


3. Educate customers to let them know what they can do to reduce conducive conditions and what results they can expect over time. — Philip Smith, President, Compass Pest Management, Cornelia, Ga.

"Callback", in this case, refers to customers experiencing a return of cockroach activity after treatment, and calling the pest control company back.

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